I see nothing to fear in inner space ...

Sabrina Schepmann


Since my early years I was dedicated to the freedom of Arts, the Magic of Nature & the Wisdom of the Buddhist Traditions. I was a rebellious little girl, always to be found in crowns of trees, building stone caves in the garden, or driving my red trycicle in the middle of a main road at rush hour. I never came home without scratches, blue stains or with a feeling of guilt, even when I was 2 hours too late. I was passionatly angry and fearless and I wanted to find my own answers to life.


My path lead me first into the Spotlight of public attention and I saw that to have money and a standing, doesnt necessarily mean that you are save from suffering. There is suffering everywhere, and like Monica Bellucci beautifully said:

"The only difference is, that the rich suffer in more comfort." She is right.

And since I felt my suffering increasing I was a good citizen and chose a path far away from it. Confronted with a great storm of resistance by whitdrawing myself deliberatly from the world, I gave myself time to study different artistic fields and to relate myself more to nature, energy and sound.

But it took years of trying to understand, that it is not possible to escape suffering by running away from it or by trying to change the world and thereby following self destructive behaviors, addictions and self-centered views. And even my idea of what compassion really is and how it is to be executed, changed dramatically over the years

Since then all of my archetypical in depth studies, dramatic choices and researches in complementary professions are fundamentally based on the universal knowing that there is a warm and accommodating space in the heart of all differences. And that we are able to realize something that is far more delicate than what we think we are and be able to do and experience.

By studying the 5 Vidyas of Craftmanship, the 32 points of Healing, Visual Sound, Buddhist logic and further in depth studies in Yoga, Dzogchen Meditation and organic Body Movement, I came to a deeper understanding of how traumatic Injuries and Health issues correlate and how to dissolve fears about death & change into the warm compassion of open awareness.

In January 2016 SIAYOGA Berlin opened its doors as an International Yoga & Meditation school based on the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism & The Method & Wisdom of Artistry.


Inspirations from my journey...


"In dedication to my teachers."
Work Experience & Lineage


Sabrina absolved a 3 year Latin & Standard Dance education & 2 years of jazz dance. When she was 10 she won over 15 Mini Playback Shows in Berlin & Brandburg as Michael Jackson. During her years in primary school she sang in Choirs and evolved her talent to writing and poetry.

Early years:

Sabrina participated successfully in various national & international beauty contests.
She was Winner of Miss Germany 2000 & Miss Intercontinental 2000.



During the filming of US movie ́ The Sanctimony ́ with Casper Van Dien in Vancouver, Sabrina attended on Set for 2 Weeks, to study the Atmosphere and processes of "A movie in the making" or as she would call it "The Mandala of the set".


She also had a small supporting role in the movie.

Portrayed Actress in “Die Liebenden vom Alexanderplatz“ with Inge Meisel.

Moderator of the german TV Show “No Sex“.


International model for Armani, Versace, Glöckler and Victoria´s Secret

2000-2001 Ambassador for Nelson Mandela Children Foundation

2003 - 2004 “Mindfulness of Beauty“ Coach in New York.

2005 - 2008 Education in classical singing, Jazz and Soul

2005 - 2015 Studies in Painting & Photography

2006 - 2017 Worked as Photographer & Painter

2013 - 2014 Shamanic Education

2014 - 2015  200 h +Yoga Teacher Training at Spirit Yoga Berlin


Trauma Therapist education.
Further education as Nutritionist and consultant for Health
Prevention & youth studies based on the wisdom teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.


Opening of SIAYOGA Berlin. The Practice of Space and Wisdom
International yoga school & meditation center for buddhist retreats.

2016 - 2020

Studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qi and the subtle Body (working of inner winds, the channels and chakras) with Dr. Yan Liu - Zen Master.

2019 - 2020
Personal Training and study with Susan Batson Studio - New York on
“Creating Characters and the power of narratives.“
Scene Studies at Ivana Chubbuck Studio Los Angeles based on Ivanas book: The Power of the Actor! 

Buddhist Empowerments/ Abhishekas: 
Received the Ngondro Empowerment practice permission from Pema Khandro Rinpoche | Ngondro is a 4 part Preliminary practice that every Vajrayana student has to complete before entering the Vajrayana path. Pema Khandro Rinpoche is the

Head of Ngakpa International and enthroned in the Khandro Nyingtik (Dzogchen) Practice Lineage of the Nyingma Tradition.

The Vase Empowerment from Ken McLeod, Founder & Teacher of Unfettered Mind: Pragmatic Buddhism rooted in the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage.

In 2021 Sabrina received The Vajrayogini Empowerment, initiated Pema Khandro Rinpoche and Drupon Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche where she was recognized & empowered as a Sky Dancer & Buddhist Teacher.

Beginning studies in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique with Sarah Purcell in 4 Workshops on:
  • The psychological Gesture
  • The Creative Spark | Imagination Workshop
  • Creating Atmospheres
  • Improvisation & Ensemble
In depth study Michael Chekhov Technique "The psychological Gesture" with Leonard Petit.
7 Day Intensive Course in the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique
With Jörg Andrees.
ENEMY OF THE BRAND - The Journey of the Hero

Designed for Artists & Creatives in TV & Film Business.

One of the personal & powerful tools for Actors & performing Artists appears in working with "The Hero|ines Journey".

Origined in Joseph Campells idea of a circular path of Heroship & great achievement by a fictional character, I would love to invite even more into home. Into a life that you can create for yoursef and your relatives.

The Hero|ines Journey A Cinematic Life Design Program to enter & create the life of a character, or in buddhist terms: The Mandala of a Deity.

"Since we have a lot of examples where truly magnificent actors end up broken, psychologically traumatized or even dead, I wanted to create a tangible tool that provides a concrete doorway and path for the actor to enter the world of a character.

The actor is invited to learn how to be daringly adventurous, how to provide space for the characters qualities and how to approach painful experiences  in a joyful and compassionated way."

The Lotus Born Diary is a powerful & unique way for an actor to study his instrument and to enter his deepest potential as an artist.